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January 23, 2020 3 min read 2 Comments

My Sweetlees Life Closet Cleanout

Ahh, it’s a new year, so let’s continue on with cliche phrases! 

New Year, New Me! More like New Year, Same Me But Now Feeling Guilty About Not Being A New Me.. right??! 

It’s pretty amazing the amount of guilt we can put on ourselves just because of a number change. Well, 2019 Cori never quite got it together.. She could use some help organizing and getting a handle on life.. But 2020 Cori is HERE!  I even cleaned my home office.. Which is a pretty big deal considering there were still craft supplies on the floor from the 2018 holidays 😬I’M SORRY, OK?! It’s on my therapy agenda. But, I sometimes fall victim to societal pressures and I do feel a renewed sense of “starting fresh,” so I guess I might as well use it to jumpstart my cleaning habits.

I spent some time going through my closet, figuring out which items I could toss.  “Donate what no longer fits you,” isn’t that what they say?? If that were the case, I’d be left with my Sweetlees joggers and a double hooded sweatshirt of some sort.. Actually, I know exactly which one.. The last one where I had to go up a size because the others were too small.  Ok, well that let’s just set aside that one closet clean out rule, shall we?!

“If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it!”  Hmm.. well that also proves to be preeettyyyy tricky.  I haven’t worn most of these items in at least a year because either 1.) it no longer fits, 2.) I really like it but we no longer sell it in the store, so I feel weird wearing it, or 3.) I’m determined to get my ass back into it (See: size 5 jeans BK - Before Kids).  

“Toss out any duplicates.”  ok KAREN, who came up with this list?!!!  (no offense to any Karens.. It just seemed like the right thing to say.) I have at least 10 Sweetlees camis  laying in a nice (cross off) pile on my floor.  Why do I have so many?! Well, one is a brand new white one still with tags to replace my other white one that is more of a greyish color from our crappy, rusty, sediment-y water.  Then, obvi, I have some in One Size & Curvy (See: story of my life; weight rollercoaster). Next, I don’t even know how many pairs of black leggings I have. Regular band, check! Wide band in OS & Curvy, check!  Extra Wide band, check! Leggings to sleep in! Workout leggings! Expensive workout leggings!  

“Give yourself permission to wear only your favorites.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a grown up, I’m doing things that make me happy AND feel good.  Why would I wear a pair of stuffy work pants with buttons and stuff, when I can wear a perfectly fine pair of 360s that look like real pants without any of the things that hurt?!  Believe me, I ONLY wear my favorites. This is a good lesson to live for the rest of your life too.. right? Only eat your favorite foods, hang out with your favorite people, spoil your favorite child.. (kidding, kidding.. *wink wink* KIDDING)

Ok, so.. Maybe now isn’t a good time for a closet clean out.  But, I can probably start with folding and organizing.. right?  Or.. maybe that'll be a good project for January 2021.




*Closet organization tips inspired from Apartment Therapy in this post.

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January 30, 2020

RIGHT?! Aww, good job sister – those are the best kind to make!


January 30, 2020

I was feeling guilty too. I hadn’t even thought about resolutions or changing anything about myself and it was January’s 2020 and the tv shows were all about making resolutions. And I was lifelong bad about myself!

I did read a good resolution – focus on relationships, friendships. I feel like that’s a resolution I want to make.

Nice blog !

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